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Learn | Engage | Connect

May 21, 2022
10:00AM - 4:00PM



Please email Cdr Mike Lancey at to sign up as a volunteer or more information

Sea Skills is an Educational Rendezvous held at Shilshole Bay Marina in Seattle each year. It is a series of mini boating seminars and hands on boating activities. Some on members boats others on the dock. We draw upon the expertise of our members who generously share their knowledge by offering classes in the subject of their choice. 

Beginning on the Friday of that weekend the members boats arrive at the marina for socializing and appetizer's on the dock at 5:00PM.

Saturday is our main educational event, with interested folks arriving around 9am. At 10am the educational presentations begin and continue throughout the day.  After which we have a catered dinner and desserts aboard member’s boats in the evening.

It's a great time to learn hands on boating skills, socialize, and see what America's Boating Club of Seattle is all about.  Watch the video below for a short introduction as to what goes on that day.

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