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America's Boating Course | Seattle Boating Club
Washington State Boater Education Card

ABC Course - One Day (8 hours)

America’s Boating Course gives you the skills you need to enjoy your time on the water and boat with confidence.


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(425) 930-8004 or

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Quality Affordable Education for your Washington Boaters License

For the absolute and not so absolute beginners who are not afraid to admit it. If you are interested in an exciting, in-depth boating knowledge course, check out America's Boating Course. Many boat insurance companies will offer discounts on boating insurance to boaters who successfully complete America's Boating Course. And, this basic boating knowledge course will give you the education required to obtain the WA Boaters Education Card. This 8-hour basic boating knowledge course is fun and very thorough.

This classroom course was developed by our National organization to be useful to all boaters, from the fisherman or water skier in an outboard, or a day sailor, to the skipper of a large cruiser or sailboat. All boaters at the helm are subject to nautical rules and regulations. Skippers should learn good operating practices and techniques which will enhance your confidence and fun on the water. Classes are given in the Seattle area, and we tailor them to the lakes, Puget Sound, San Juan and Southern BC marine environment.


The courses have proven to be of interest to the entire family; everyone age 12 and up is welcome. We encourage your family to attend as a group.

The cost is $40 and only $20 for each additional family member who wish to take the class and share the same book. 


Qualified, enthusiastic, and experienced boaters with Pacific Northwest knowledge provide instruction as a civic service. There is never a charge for instruction; the only costs are those for materials, plus overhead costs such as classroom rental, shipping and handling, sales tax, etc.


While the content of the student manual serves as the basis for this course, it will also serve as a reference book in basic boating long after the course work is completed. The course and instructors meet the educational standards of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and features a proctored examination as required by many states and insurance companies. For more on the class content see America's Boating Course.


As your boating range expands, we encourage students to follow this basic course with additional boating education such as the advanced courses offered to members of the United States Power Squadrons®.

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