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Seminars are open to anyone, these boating classes will provide you an enjoyable informative couple of evening hours focused on a specific marine topic.  Our instructors are active boaters in the Pacific Northwest and the classes will reflect their local knowledge.

For more information contact Mike Lancey 
(425) 930-8004 or

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Boat Handling
Want to improve your knowledge of basic boat handling?  These seminars will satisfy your needs

Advanced Powerboat Handling


Boating on Rivers. Locks, and Lakes

Boating With Confidence

Rules Of The Road

power boat handling.jpg



Do you feel comfortable that you know where you are when you’re boating?  Want to improve your positioning skills?  These seminars will help you know where you’re at while boating.

How to Use GPS

Using Nautical Charts

Introduction to Navigation

Mariner’s Compass

Rules of the Road

Marine Radar

Facing the Enviroment


Are you on good terms with Mother Nature?  Do you know how to handle the changes in the environment that can come your way?  These seminars can help you out on the water.

Modern Weather Forecasting

Weather for Boaters

Hurricane Preparation for Boaters

Tides and Currents




Every boater wants to be a safe boater, not just for him- or herself, but also for the family and friends onboard as well as other nearby boaters.  Here’s how to reinforce your knowledge for the safety of all.

Fuel and Boating
Man Overboard

Crew At The Helm

Propane Systems On Your Boat

All About Marine Radio

AIS Electronics For Boaters




Do you want to improve your skills in areas related to boating?  Here are some interesting areas to pursue.

Knots And Line Handling
Paddle Smart
Trailering Your Boat




Do you use your boat to cruise to different locations for longer periods of time?  You need to have as much information as possible available so you’re not surprised by local laws or regulations.

Crossing Borders

Cruising Boats and Systems

Planning Your Cruise

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