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April 20th | Puget Sound Yacht Club

It is time to welcome our new Bridge of Officers for the 2023-2024 Seattle Squadron year.

  • Dinner will be fully catered by Chef Willie Williamson featuring a prime cut of beef with all the trimmings and a vegetarian option.

  • You are welcome to bring a dessert potluck-style; to make sure you have your favorite desert for dinner and COW (ha-ha) and to show us your latest delicious recipe (this means you Donna).

  • $20 for members and their guests. The Commander's Choice rule (thumbs up) applies for the Change of Watch, so we will be sponsoring the meal to make it extra special and affordable. Such a deal!

  • Be sure to attend to see what our Bridge, Squadron Members, your lifelong friends and fellow boaters might have volunteered you for over the next squadron year. Mostly kidding.


Change of Watch Schedule

Happy Hour: 1800 (6:00pm)

Catered Dinner: 1900 hours (7:00pm)

Change of Watch: 1930 hours (7:30pm)


Please make your Reservations Below

The New Officers Pledge

I do solemnly pledge myself to perform 
Faithfully, and impartially, the duties of the 
office which I am about to assume.

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