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Yes, we're having fun and the food isn't bad either :)

Going to Rendezvous:

Expect to have fun and relax, whether your drop in for an hour to say hello or take a weekend mini-vacation. Each rendezvous has its own personality within a general pattern. There will be some planned meals, usually Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast, plus optional activities to fit the theme and location. Explore on foot near the marina. Go aboard member’s boats to see what people have done or plan to do, and find out why. Talk about gear, places to go and which vendors to use (or not). Play cards or games. Paddle around the marina. Participate in as much or as little as you feel like. Did I mention relax?


Our boats are usually congregated in one area. Bring folding chairs to join in dockside. The squadron provides some meals and drinks, but you will need your own to fill in the rest of the time. Generally the Saturday dinner is a partial pot-luck for which you would bring an appetizer or salad. Check with the hosts on these details.


Come by boat and stay aboard. You will need a slip reservation well ahead of time. The marina holds a certain number of slips up to a cutoff date when they are released. Check the procedure to use for slip assignments on arrival, whether by the marina or Squadron.


Come by car for the day or stay overnight in a local motel. Many people do (Jan and I have only been once by boat). Sometimes there are overnight spaces for your camper. Arriving by car you will need to know any parking restrictions and access gate codes. Heads will be available in the marina or sometimes on a member’s boat.


Do bring friends and family – the more the merrier – but check ahead of time about which activities will fit.


RSVP to the hosts so they can plan the food. The hosts are listed in The Pilot and in What’s Happening.

Hosting a Rendezvous:



To have fun and create a memorable experience for rendezvous attendees.


Select a theme


A theme can serve as the focus around which activities, food and fun can be orchestrated. Some locations have so many natural attractions there is no need for a theme. Activities can be centered on these attractions. Otherwise, fun and games are desirable. A theme also allows people to dress in costume.


Publicize the rendezvous


Put the first announcement in The Pilot two months before the event. If the rendezvous is in June, submit material to first appear in the April Pilot. This means the material must be submitted in March.


Put a second announcement in The Pilot one month before the event providing more details and updates.


Give information to the webmaster and the editor of our Pilot newsletter for inclusion in “What’s Happening” and for the inclusion in the monthly Pilot.


Put out sign-up sheets at dinner meetings before the rendezvous.


Plan food


Most rendezvous begin on a Friday eve. and go through Sunday morning. The host usually organizes Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. They do the shopping, cooking, etc. and the attendees are charged a fee based on the total cost divided by the number of attendees. The Saturday meal can be partially prepared by the host and attendees can be invited to bring a side dish to share. Also, attendees are instructed to bring appetizers to share at both the Friday and Saturday social times.



Rendezvous are intended to be revenue neutral. Track all expenses incurred and divide that by the total number of attendees. Often, the treasurer is present to collect from the attendees. Otherwise, this would be the responsibility of the rendezvous hosts.




The SSAPS has many supplies kept in a storage locker across the street from the Yankee Grill in Ballard. Coffee makers, cups, plates, etc. are there and before buying supplies for a rendezvous, check the storage locker to see what is available.



It is really great to get others to help. It takes some of the pressure off the host(s) and also allows others the experience of helping at a rendezvous.


Refer to past Pilots for hints about publicity announcements and ideas for activities, meals, etc.


Download the USPS Member Cruise & Rendezvous Schedules and Planning Guide


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